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Listed below are Hawaii's illustrious Granders.

These are both black and Pacific blue marlin caught in Hawaii waters that have weighed 1,000 lbs or more.

If you have additional information on the marlin listed, other granders caught in Hawaii's waters, or have a better photograph than the one depicted, please share it with us. Contact us at

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HFN CoverGrander Fishing, Hawaii-Style!

In Hawaii's waters even small boats have the opportunity to catch monster-sized fish like the revered 1,000-lb marlin.

Some of the largest marlin in the world have been caught near the shores of the Hawaiian Islands in some of the smallest boats you can imagine! In fact, the largest blue marlin ever caught on a rod and reel was caught by Capt. Cornelius Choy and his daughter Gail on the COREENE-C in 1971. The fish weighed an astonishing 1,805 lbs.

The fish to the left is a 1,269-lb Pacific blue marlin caught by Capt. Lee Gonsalves, Jesse Masagatani and Tommy Medeiros on the boat, EKENA ELUA, in 1986. They were only 15 miles off the windward coast of Oahu when the marlin attacked a lure. It was the second grander in two days for the fishermen plying the windward coast.

1,245-pound Grander Caught!
Fishermen capture 1,000-lb grander 21 miles south of Honolulu! Read the 2009 story here.

Watch the crew of the KALEI-PUA haul in their massive 1,032-lb pacific blue marlin!
Read the crews story here. Special thanks to Tanya Makinney for sharing this with HFN!

Fish Weight Angler Location Date
Blue Marlin 1053 Tony Cordero and Leslie Cansibog Waianae, Oahu 00/00/01
Blue Marlin 1039.6 Johnathan Harris Maalaea, Maui 00/00/12
Blue Marlin 1112 Capt. Andy Anderson Honolulu, Oahu 00/00/78
Blue Marlin 1150 Jimmy Fernandez Kaneohe, Oahu 00/00/79
Blue Marlin 1015 Rudy Puana Kaneohe, Oahu 00/00/79
Blue Marlin 1002 David Davidson Maui 00/00/81
Blue Marlin 1157 Donnita Hamilton Nanakuli, Oahu 00/00/87
Blue Marlin 1051 Capt. Bill Trotter and Ray Dela Cruz Kaneohe, Oahu 00/00/93
Blue Marlin 1000 Howard Hose Hilo, Hawaii 00/00/98
Blue Marlin 1245 Marvin Bethune Oahu, Hawaii 01/00/10
Blue Marlin 1229 Richard Hartom Kona, Hawaii 01/01/86
Blue Marlin 1450 Cyril and Paul Burgoyne Kona, Hawaii 01/05/79
Blue Marlin 1040.5 Paul Morris Kona, HI 01/07/12
Blue Marlin 1161 Yasuo Takahashi Kona, Hawaii 01/10/92
Blue Marlin 1202 Chris Kam and Randy Marks Kaneohe, Oahu 01/12/88
Blue Marlin 1008 Ernie France Kona, Hawaii 01/15/13
Blue Marlin 1170 Bobby Brown Kona, Hawaii 01/20/74
Blue Marlin 1213 Daisuke Yamazaki Kona, Hawaii 01/30/00
Blue Marlin 1143 Pat Smith and Andrea Stamiforth Kona, Hawaii 01/30/92
Blue Marlin 1140 John Eddy Maui (JJ-buoy) 02/10/92
Blue Marlin 1230 Isaac Kaialau Waianae, Oahu 02/16/97
Blue Marlin 1058 Kai Rizzuto Kona, Hawaii 02/18/15
Blue Marlin 1143.5 Ray Bayner and Paul Chiakas Kona, Hawaii 02/25/78
Blue Marlin 1016 John Davis Kona, Hawaii 02/28/86
Blue Marlin 1650 All of us II-buoy, Oahu 03/00/91
Blue Marlin 1222 Capt. Eric Hawkins and First Mate Hopie Hawkins Molokai 03/01/16
Blue Marlin 1015 Tori Hesedahl Kahe Power Plant , Oahu 03/05/01
Blue Marlin 1100 Ross Kawawaki and Charlie Ching Waianae, Oahu 03/05/89
Blue Marlin 1150 Keone Hoopii Kaneohe, Oahu 03/07/86
Blue Marlin 1269 Jesse Masagatani and Tommy Medeiros Kaneohe, Oahu 03/08/86
Blue Marlin 1011 Tim Rupli Kona, Hawaii 03/11/07
Blue Marlin 1053 Jimmy Akiona Sr. Kona, Hawaii 03/12/89
Blue Marlin 1062 Garrett Handwork Kona, Hawaii 03/13/11
Blue Marlin 1049 Tommy Werner Kona, Hawai'i 03/16/06
Blue Marlin 1649 Gary Merriman, Rankin Smith Jr. & Roy Imamura Kona, Hawaii 03/16/84
Blue Marlin 1012 Wayne Watanabe South of O'ahu 03/19/06
Blue Marlin 1040.7 Rex Koga Kaneohe, Oahu 03/21/15
Blue Marlin 1188 Thomas Duarte and Del Leid Kona, Hawaii 03/21/85
Blue Marlin 1252 Ed Noinain Kona, Hawaii 03/25/08
Blue Marlin 1014 Jim Schultz Kona, Hawaii 03/25/60
Blue Marlin 1211 Robert Steffens Kona, Hawaii 03/27/14
Blue Marlin 1000 Del Marsh Kona, Hawaii 03/28/89
Blue Marlin 1111 Darien and Clifford Jr. Kona, Hawaii 03/30/85
Blue Marlin 1056 Matt Prater Kona, Hawaii 03/31/08
Blue Marlin 1012.5 Pat Wond, Mitchell Meyer and Ricardo Rellin Waianae, Oahu 03/31/82
Blue Marlin 1252 William Frando and Nathan Libarios Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 04/00/77
Blue Marlin 1036 Paula Pattinson Kona, Hawaii 04/01/02
Blue Marlin 1032 Dirk Britton Waianae, Oahu 04/01/82
Blue Marlin 1115 David Wolfsen Kona, Hawaii 04/06/01
Blue Marlin 1174 Jeffrey Russell Kona, Hawaii 04/08/02
Blue Marlin 1104 Jill and John Anderson Kona, Hawaii 04/10/10
Blue Marlin 1209 Louis Paulo Milolii, Hawaii 04/14/78
Blue Marlin 1049 Gilbert Hun Waianae, Oahu 04/14/92
Blue Marlin 1120 Mickey Waddopus Kona, Hawaii 04/20/90
Blue Marlin 1168 Scott Preece Kona, Hawaii 04/22/85
Blue Marlin 1009 Fred Erickson Kona, Hawaii 04/26/62
Blue Marlin 1014 Tosh Ervin Kona, Hawaii 04/29/03
Blue Marlin 1207 Al Bento South Shore, Oahu 05/00/94
Blue Marlin 1400 Roy Hudson Kona, Hawaii 05/05/90
Blue Marlin 1067 Sandy Haught Barber's Point, Oahu 05/05/95
Blue Marlin 1050 Gary Nakashima and Wesley Takazono Kaneohe, Oahu 05/11/79
Blue Marlin 1021 Ramon Flores Kona, Hawaii 05/18/01
Blue Marlin 1132.5 Jeff Van Hove Kona, Hawaii 05/20/05
Blue Marlin 1037 Stan Phillips and Donald Graciidis Jr. Kona, Hawaii 05/21/90
Blue Marlin 1100 Willie Erickson Kona, Hawaii 05/23/67
Blue Marlin 1058.3 Mike and Kendall Michaelis Manele Bay, Lanai 05/25/15
Blue Marlin 1100 Dennis Kunahisa and Crew Haleiwa, Oahu 05/25/79
Blue Marlin 1050 David Murasaki and Ricky Urada Kona, Hawaii 05/25/86
Blue Marlin 1226 Dean Lemman Kona, Hawaii 05/26/15
Blue Marlin 1095 Henry Chee Kona, Hawaii 05/30/64
Blue Marlin 1376 Jay DeBeaubien Kona, Hawaii 05/31/82
Blue Marlin 1070 Capt. Mike DeRego Honolulu, Oahu 06/00/72
Blue Marlin 1117 Rik Jones Kona, Hawaii 06/00/77
Blue Marlin 1007 Vivian Kekahuna and Larry Ho Kaneohe, Oahu 06/00/94
Blue Marlin 1140 Daniel Fuchigami Lanai, Hawaii 06/01/09
Blue Marlin 1064 Tim O'Hallaran Kona, Hawaii 06/05/09
Blue Marlin 1356 John Livingstone, Bruce Graham and Pete Miccolly Kona, Hawaii 06/06/92
Blue Marlin 1082 Greg Bridler Kona, Hawaii 06/09/91
Blue Marlin 1805 Mike Wachtier, Pat Morello, Charles Lewis and Gail Choy Waianae, Oahu 06/10/70
Blue Marlin 1195 Don and Joan Taylor Kona, Hawaii 06/10/84
Blue Marlin 1,168 lbs. Capt. Butch Farm Haleiwa, Oahu 06/11/2022
Black Marlin 1051 Chris Robb Kona, Hawaii 06/13/93
Blue Marlin 1040 Mike Benham Kona, Hawaii 06/15/78
Blue Marlin 1212 Ivan Mochida Hilo, Hawaii 06/17/95
Blue Marlin 1236 Bill Risso, Kenny Risso and Miles Iwasaki Kaneohe, Oahu 06/18/11
Blue Marlin 1350 Harry Grace Jr. Milolii, Hawaii 06/18/77
Blue Marlin 1190 Michelle Kobayashi Hilo, Hawaii 06/23/01
Blue Marlin 1103 Kelly Everette Kona, Hawaii 06/25/87
Blue Marlin 1178 Armando Pacheco and Ryan Wilson Haleiwa, Oahu 06/26/02
Blue Marlin 1048 Rudy Basmayor Kona, Hawaii 06/26/99
Blue Marlin 1109 Drew Richardson and David Harvey Kona, Hawaii 06/28/94
Blue Marlin 1153 Stan Sack Kona, Hawaii 06/30/87
Blue Marlin 1200 Leonard Huddy Waianae, Oahu 07/00/01
Blue Marlin 1112 Walter Koyanagi Kona, Hawaii 07/01/79
Blue Marlin 1055 Lloyd Toriano Kona, Hawaii 07/01/84
Blue Marlin 1019 Daniel O'Callaghan and Capt. Brian Toney Kona, Hawaii 07/01/98
Blue Marlin 1043 Steve Spina Kona, Hawaii 07/03/13
Blue Marlin 1299 Steve Aoki Kona, Hawaii 07/03/88
Black Marlin 1088 Vaughn Miyauchi Kona, Hawaii 07/05/78
Blue Marlin 1258.5 Miguel Koenig Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 07/06/03
Blue Marlin 1010 Capt. Paul Andrade & Crew Hilo, Hawaii 07/06/15
Blue Marlin 1020 Jimmy Tomei Waianae, Oahu 07/08/84
Blue Marlin 1005 Butch Chee Kona, Hawaii 07/10/62
Blue Marlin 1139.5 Tracy Breakey Kona, Hawaii 07/11/23
Blue Marlin 1045 Barrett O'Donnell Kona, Hawaii 07/12/01
Blue Marlin 1073 Steven Yamasaki Makahuena, Kauai 07/14/18
Blue Marlin 1026.4 Mike Bixler, Jim Bierd and Michael Skaggs Lahaina, Maui 07/18/07
Blue Marlin 1089 Cory Vellalos Hale'iwa, O'ahu 07/19/03
Black Marlin 1205 Bill and Brad Brontseme and Frank Di Donna Kona, Hawaii 07/19/80
Blue Marlin 1041 Mark Wilby Kona, Hawaii 07/19/99
Blue Marlin 1171 Ron Walker and Walt Mahoney Jr. Kona, Hawaii 07/20/88
Black Marlin 1060 Herman Gomes and John Langsi Kona, Hawaii 07/22/85
Blue Marlin 1144 Mike Banks Kona, Hawaii 07/27/95
Blue Marlin 1368 Guy Kitaoka Kona Coast 07/28/15
Blue Marlin 1032 Kalei-pua Team Waianae, Oahu 07/29/17
Blue Marlin 1092 Stacy, Kelly, Elijah & Denver Waianae, Oahu 07/30/12
Blue Marlin 1118 Reese Randall Lanai, Hawaii 08/03/02
Blue Marlin 1053 Jeffery McLaughlin Kona, Hawaii 08/07/00
Blue Marlin 1062 Gil Kraemer Kona, Hawaii 08/08/86
Blue Marlin 1008 Chuck Blesso Nawiliwili, Kauai 08/08/97
Blue Marlin 1140 Kerwin Masunaga Kona, Hawaii 08/09/01
Blue Marlin 1065.5 Mike Nesbitt & Drew Bradley Miloli'i, Big Island 08/12/03
Blue Marlin 1010 Walter Uza Waianae, Oahu 08/16/94
Blue Marlin 1022 Molly Palmer Kona, Hawaii 08/18/12
Blue Marlin 1075 Brent Nelson Kona Coast 08/18/15
Blue Marlin 1166 Ray Hawkes Kona, Hawaii 08/19/93
Blue Marlin 1024 Wayne Thompson & Robert Weidenger Waianae, Oahu 08/21/12
Blue Marlin 1309 Michael Bilich Kona Coast 08/26/15
Blue Marlin 1050 James Celestino Waianae, Oahu 08/28/87
Blue Marlin 1077 Frieder Boeck and Fred Patricio Kaneohe, Oahu 09/00/93
Blue Marlin 1299 Gary Largo and Nasario Quemado Jr. Waianae, Oahu 09/03/03
Blue Marlin 1058 Bob Leggio Kona, Hawaii 09/05/85
Blue Marlin 1019 Frank Barone Kona, Hawaii 09/07/91
Blue Marlin 1148 Bob Unger Kona, Hawaii 09/08/65
Blue Marlin 1090 Coates Cobb Adams Sr. Kaneohe, Oahu 09/09/75
Blue Marlin 1265 Hunter Clawson Milolii, Hawaii 09/13/83
Blue Marlin 1183 Steve and Sue Gibbons Kona, Hawaii 09/17/85
Blue Marlin 1257 Robert H. Waryas Kona, Hawaii 09/25/78
Blue Marlin 1319 Chuck Sullivan Kona, Hawaii 09/26/80
Blue Marlin 1277 Ron Foo Kewalo, Oahu 10/02/93
Blue Marlin 1106 Rodney Kam North Shore, Molokai 10/25/97
Blue Marlin 1101 Andrew Mau North Shore, Molokai 10/25/97
Blue Marlin 1199 Doug Jorgensen Lahaina, Maui 10/29/93
Blue Marlin 1174 Paul Ortiz and Chris Cena Kewalo, Oahu 11/01/96
Blue Marlin 1148 Mike Contrares Port Allen, Kauai 11/11/98
Blue Marlin 1002 George Parker Hawaii-Kai, Oahu 11/13/54
Blue Marlin 1477 Gary Silva Kaneohe, Oahu 12/16/88
Blue Marlin 1165 Ken Cort Kona, Hawaii 12/28/94
Blue Marlin 1070 John "L.J." Benson and Mark Perkins Kaneohe, Oahu 12/29/00
Blue Marlin 1,028 lbs Justin Calvino Kona, Hawaii 6/01/2021