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August 2019

E-Zine Volume 44 Number 8
Table of Contents Featured Articles

Chasing Ulua - Good Gear & the Social Media Evolution by Max Renigado
Social media gives shoreline casters an opportunity to share information and develop new gear.

Tail Tales: Ulua Fever by K. Castillo, T. Lemman, K. Dobrowolaky, and A. Bello
The addiction is real for first-time ulua hunters, as well as for an angler catching and releasing ulua with his crew.

Are Your Hooks Sharp Enough? by Stan Wright
Getting hooked while fishing is unavoidable. Here are some things to know before it happens.

Mr. Ulua by Jamie Hamamoto
Investigating the secret to becoming a legendary fisherman leads to a surprising conclusion.

Earl Matsui's 150-lb Dream by Michael R. Sakamoto
A legendary adventure tale dripping with all the details, told by a master storyteller in June 1983.

Moloka'i Fly Fishing- Pure Ballet on the Flats by Jennifer Fratzke
Island bonefish challenge and thrill even experienced fly fishing anglers.

FISHING NEWS-Splash! by Robert Duerr
NAVATEK II headed to dump, Kihei dredging starts, Pohoiki site scrapped and second live giant squid filmed in the wild.

ISLAND OF MAUI--Lahaina Seawatch by Donnell Tate
Big yellowfin, marlin and an unexpected sailfish thrill harbor charter fishers this summer.

Father's Day Fishing in Baja by Don Memmer
From San Diego to Baja, traveler finds toothy mako sharks, prized roosterfish and Hawai'i connections.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I--Kona Charter Desk Report by Amber Hudnall
With tournaments on the horizon, the fleet's report swelled with catches and lots of releases.

Weekend Field Test: Ulua Lures by Chucky Balucan
A trip to test DaKine Lures prototypes yields great shoreline action for fishing friends.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I--Hilo Seawatch by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers' tournament season and the annual ahi run are in full swing off the Big Island's Windward Coast.

Fishermen Play Integral Part in Bottomfish Stock Management by Mark Mitsuyasu, WPRFMC
Council relies on 'citizen science' for first-hand knowledge of the fishery.

Wired - Finale, A Gun Dog Story by Richard Hoeflinger
Two California-bred pups round out the legacy of the Hoeflinger wirehaired gun dogs.

Just Rolling Along by Richard Hoeflinger
Hunter reflects on those that roll dung and those that roll in dung.

Black-Tailed Deer Season Announced by DLNR
All types of hunters need to get permits for the season opening dates.

Amazing Adventures at the Ahi Shootout by Jim Hull
First-time boat owner finds the path to tournament fishing learning experience.

Wee Guys Celebrate Another Big Year by Ed Torrison
This popular tournament offers small-boat fishers a weekend of fun, camaraderie and tasty fish!

Tail Tale by Mike Harbowy
Oahu whipper enjoys sharing fun adventures, fish, and know-how with others.

HFN Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar
The tournament season is heating up with plenty of opportunities for fun firsts, and big bills!

Spikey the Ulua by Ty DeCorte
In this unusual story of catch and release, the action is told from the ulua's point of view!

Kidtime Adventures & Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler by Allen Tsukamoto
Childhood memories of a hobby tank, plus Aqua-Zoo, Fishy Chum and Finny Funnies.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers' Pages by HFN Readers
HFN anglers--young and old--share their favorite photos, adventures and awesome catches.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations
Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing.