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September 2019

E-Zine Volume 44 Number 9
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Ohana Helping Ohana - Tail Tales by Dayanara Tabil, David Williams, & Tosh Diehl
Two Hilo wahine shorecasters, an Oahu jet-ski troller, and a Kauai teen share the fun with family and friends.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I--Hilo Seawatch by Craig Severance
Tournament season continues amid good sea conditions, and fishermen offer input on alternate Pohoiki access site.

Best Baits for Kayak Fishers by Jay Scroggin and Ty DeCorte
Kayak fishing requires certain gear and bait to be successful, specificallyopelu.

Big Island Baits by Andy Scott
Made in the islands, these plastic baits are gaining widespread popularity because they catch fish.

Difficult to Shoot, Delicious to Eat--Tail Tales by Jaybee Dagupion
If you are fortunate enough to catch a parrotfish on your diving excursion, try this easy recipe for baked uhu.

Albatross on the Boat by Bill Jardine
Ride along as a fisherman angles a marlin from a sampan and relives the glory days of Kona fishing.

Mail Buoy by Robert Duerr
Wailoa River and Reeds Bay Boating Association contests DLNR move to increase mooring and ramp fees.

HIBT Celebrates 60th Year by Laura Aquino
Kona plays host to HIBT's diamond anniversary event and it was a close battle, right to the last moment.

HIBT Celebrates Diamond Anniversary and Founder Peter Fithian by WPRFMC
WESPAC honors Peter Fithian, Hawaii advocate & former Council member with an official resolution.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I--Kona Charter Desk Report by Amber Hudnall
The Kona fleet busted loose with over 100 marlin hitting the scales, while they tagged and released over 200.

The Kewalo Harbor Big Fish Chase Returns by Noah Chun
Do you have what it takes to break a 50-year record? If so, you could make $65,000 in one day.

ISLAND OF MAUI--Lahaina Seawatch by Donnell Tate
Lahaina charter boat fishers sweep up all four flag fish in one trip and log a big blue marlin into the harbor stats.

Black Marlin Attack by Jim "Jimbo" Hull
Witnessing a strike from a charging marlin, this crew gets more action than they expected.

FISHING NEWS-Splash! by Robert Duerr
Barbaric shark finning seen in Hawai'i, WPRFMC refutes allegations and China makes waves in the South Pacific.

Sheep of Mauna Kea-Yesterday, Today...Tomorrow? by Richard Hoeflinger
Efforts to save the habitat of an endangered bird create unforeseen consequences on Mauna Kea.

DLNR Dispatches by Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)
Tilapia invade Kaua'i, whitetip sharks are mutilated off Big Island, and rapid ohia death is discovered on O'ahu.

How We Learn About Hawai'i's Dolphin and Whale Populations by Robin Baird
For the 20th year, researchers study and catalog 21 different species in island waters.

'Oama Season! by Jamie Hamamoto
Baby goatfish make great live bait! Learn when, where and how to catch some.

Fresh Catch of the Day - Recipes from the Fishwife
Our favorite 'oama and hahalalu recipes with dipping sauces!

Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler by Allen Tsukamoto
Color Fun, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits, and Funny Funnies for all the young at heart.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers' Pages by HFN Readers
HFN anglers--young and old--share their favorite photos, adventures and record catches.

HFN Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar
The tournament season is slowing down but there's plenty of opportunities for every angler!

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations
Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing.