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January 2020

E-Zine Volume 45 Number 1
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Tail Tale - The Tourists Got a Show and I Got a 30-Ib Ulua! by Mike McCloskey
Fishing with an audience and catching a big fish was a fun, new experience for this angler.

Slide-Bait Fishing Tech Talk - Part 2 by Todd Hayashi
1994 Reprint: Just a few days each month account for more than half of the largest ulua caught.

Planning for Each Adventure by Bill Jardine
Even the most comprehensive fishing plans can be derailed by unexpected circumstances or events.

Tail Tale - Tug-of-War with a 107-lb Sailfish by Romel Palafox
An epic catch takes this kayak fisherman on a "Hawaiian sleigh ride."

109-lb Sailfish on a 30-lb Leader by David Williams
A 109-lb sailfish surprises a jet ski fisherman.

Lure Legend: Peter Dunn-Rankin by Jeff Konn, Robert Duerr and Others
PILI lure's inventor is fondly remembered by Hawai'i's fishing ohana.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Hilo Seawatch by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers run boats on dry land, deepbody boarfish take the spotlight as underutilized species of the month.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Kona Charter Desk Report by Amber Hudnall
The Kona Charter Desk is back this New Year with some monster marlin and lots of catch-and-release action!

Splash! by Robert Duerr
Waikiki headed underwater, China's Undersea Sub Station, temporary Pohoiki Boat Ramp, and more!

Eight Hawai'i Hunting Tips by Conor Sullivan
An outdoorsman shares helpful advice to overcome unique challenges facing island big-game hunters.

Meandering Memories by Richard Hoeflinger
An avid hunter finds his hunting improved with the addition of many beloved hunting dogs throughout the years.

Tail Tale - Happy Fishing Couples by Fred Yost
A husband and wife have an amazing Alaskan fishing trip with unusually good weather and great friends.

Tail Tale - Annual Anniversary Trip Lands an 8.67-Ib Papio! by Henry Lum
A husband and wife went on their annual fishing trip and decided to do a little plugging.

Living for the Epic Weekends by Chucky Balucan
Fishing family has a busy fall season waging battles with large shoreline predators.

Fishing Demonstration and Survey: American Samoa Bottomfish by WPRFMC
Council spends time in American Samoa to teach effective survey methods to local fishermen.

Best Set-Up For Big Fish on an OC-1 by Jennifer Fratzke
Need help setting up a canoe for fishing? Here are some suggestions from an OC-1 angler.

2019 Maui Veterans Day Invitational 'Kayak Clash' by Boo Baldovi
Twenty teams of two participated in this second annual event for veterans and first responders.

Selecting Gear for Your First Rod and Reel by Stan Wright
A scout leader offers fishing gear suggestions to beginning anglers in the islands.

Kidtime Adventure & Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler by Allen Tsukamoto
The Stingray and Me, and Color Fun, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits, and Finny Funnies.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers Pages by HFN Readers
HFN anglers--young and old--share their favorite photos, adventures and awesome catches.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations
Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing.