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Hawaii Fishing News September 2020
Going to Fly
E-Zine Volume 45 Number 9
Table of Contents Featured Articles

Fly the Flats

by Elias Espiritu
Fly fisher captures a golden surprise while plying the flats for bonefish: a 10-plus-lb ulua papa.

Fly Fishing Guides in Hawaii Take on COVID-19

by M. Christensen, C. Wright & Stan Wright
Island Fishing Guides teamed up on social media to share their passion during the shut-down.

Palafamala Paddles Virtual Fishing Tournament

by Jennifer Fratzke
This tournament spread aloha virtually & kept fishers connected during a time of social distancing.

ISLAND HAWAII- Hilo Seawatch

by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers combined tournaments and raised funds in memory of a fellow fisherman.

The 7th Inning Stretch

by Bill Jardine
With their plans derailed, these fishermen switch and take full advantage of their alternate adventure.


by Robert Duerr
State parks close, ramp repairs stall, urchins help save reefs and non-native corals get a new home.

Trout in the Time of COVID-19

by DLNR, Division of Aquatic Resources
Kauai anglers, eager to enjoy trout season, follow the rules and set a good example during a pandemic.

Seabins Installed in Ala Wai Harbor

by Lori Barrett
Ala Wai Harbor begins as pilot program for the Season Project, hoping to clean debris and pollution.

Fishing Participation Continues to Rise

by Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
2020 Special Report on Fishing provides demographic insights, perceptions of fishing and more.

Fishery Council Meetings Go Virtual and So Can You!

by the WPRFMC
The Councils next decision-making meetings will be held online and are open to all.

Tail Tale- Fishing is My Life

by Cody Koda
Sometimes you get lucky! This shore caster brought a 29.3-lb ulua home from a recent food-finding session.

Tail Tale- Its Sashimi Time

by Lee DeRouin
Molokai father-daughter team go whipping and diving together, before she returns to Oahu for school.

Tail Tale- Back Breaker Ulua

by Tatsuya Nishizaki
This avid surfer is told to rest up after an accident, instead grabs a fishing pole and lands a 44.5-lb ulua!

Gyotaku Fish Printing

by Clyde Tamaru
Images, including gyotaku art, perpetuate the memory of a great catch.

U.S. Coast Guard Transports Monk Seal Pips to Sanctuary

Four rescued monk seals transported to refuge after receiving treatment at Ke Kai Ola.

Fresh Catch of the Day

by the Fishwife
Uhu (parrotfish) are one of the tastiest fish to eat. The Fishwife gives recipes on how to cook it several ways.

Spearfishing Safety for Our Keiki

by Christina Henline
Spearfishing legend Bruce Ayau hosts a free Spearfishing Safety Class for kids in Kona.

Alii Agriculture Farms

by Gregory Brown
Step back in time to the cane-pole days, and make some fun fishing memories with your family

Small Decisions- Large Reward

by Richard Hoeflinger
Small choice made throughout a hunt- and throughout our lives- can yield big rewards.

Somethin Fishy for the Young Angler

by Allen Tsukamoto Color Fun, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits and Finny Funnies.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers Pages

by HFN Readers
HFN anglers  young and old  share their favorite photos, adventures and awesome catches.

HFN Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar

The tournament season is heating up with plenty of opportunitIes for fun firsts, and big bills

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations

Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing.