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Hawaii Fishing News May 2021

E-Zine Volume 46 Number 5
Table of Contents Featured Articles

Hawaii's Newest State Records

by J. Ng, C. Yoneshige, T. Shimoda, G. Kuwabara
Record weight manini, hogo, uouoa and opelu, all caught on Oahu!

Maui Goes Fishing

by Loren Ganoy
A long dry spell is broken for a grateful angler and his fishing ohana, who deal with many challenges.

100-Plus Club

by Camden Arrand
A locally made popper and great young angler hook a membership into the Club.

Tail Tales

by Mikaela Matsuoka, and Kannon Allen
First catch traditions and great conditions bring awesome fish home to share, on Hawaii and Kauai.

Mail Buoy: More Fish?

by Kevin Mulkern & DLNR
An updated environmental assessment will allow DAR to deploy many more fish habitats around Oahu.

The Different Styles of Ulua Fishing

by Mike Sakamoto
Legacy article: This is the first of a series of HFN readers' requested reprints from a local legend.

First Global DNA Study of Ulua

by National Research Foundation & SAIAB
A partnership between scientists and anglers yields new information on Hawaii giant and bluefin trevallies.


by Robert Duerr
A rescue at sea, freshwater plumes, Holomua 30X30, whales and state parks are in the Splash! zone.

Big Island-Style Ono Fishing

by Conor Sullivan
Expert advice and information to make you more proficient at ono fishing on the Big Island.

Lokahi Team Update

by Jim Hori
Lokahi App team hits milestone of more than a thousand members almost a month ahead of goal.

Hilo Seawatch

by Craig Severance
Hilo Trollers sets 2021 tournament dates, distributes 2020 awards and draws controversy with honorary statue.

Secret Fishing Spots

by Stan Wright
With enough practice and fishing knowledge, anglers can transform an ordinary spot into their 'secret' spot.

Deep Seven Bottomfish Stock Are Healthy

The Council declares the state of popular bottomfish fishery 'not overfished' with no overfishing occurring.

DLNR Dispatches

Freshwater fishing permits for rainbow trout available by lottery, and Lake Wilson gets a clean up.

Lahaina Seawatch

by Donnell Tate
Lahaina Harbor welcomed back-to-back 500-plus-lb marlin catches to the scales.

Boat Ramp News

Oahu's Keehi Pier is now closed, and Hawaii Kai's repaired ramp is not as great as hoped.

The Blue Marlin Capital  Kona Charter Desk Report

by Amber Hudnall
More big marlin, ahi and spearfish came home to Honokohau Harbor, keeping fishermen primed.

Frugality Facilitates Fortuitous Find & Gundog Poem

by Richard Hoeflinger
A seemingly birdless hunt on the mountain ends with an unexpected cause for celebration, and more...

Fresh Catch of the Day  Ahi

by the Fishwife
Tried and true ahi recipes perfect for entertaining, family outings and special occasions.

Fish Photography 101

by Stan Wright
Easy tips you can use to balance the lighting for both the subject and background in your photos.

Somethin Fishy for the Young Angler

by Allen Tsukamoto
Color Fun, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits and Finny Funnies.

Holoholo Style  Readers' Pages

by HFN Readers
HFN anglers - young and old - share their favorite photos, adventures and awesome catches.

HFN Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar

The tournament season is heating up with plenty of opportunities for fun firsts and big bills.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations

Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, out of season warnings, weather predictions & best days & times for fishing.