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April 2020

E-Zine Volume 45 Number 4
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Friends at a Good Fishing Distance by Carrie Johnston
A note on COVID-19 Social Distancing, fishing ohana, and caring for each other today & tomorrow.

Tail Walking Adventures - Parts 1 & 2 by Jason Reiser
Two epic trips battling huge marlin while rough riding the ocean in a new rigid infatable boat.

Fishing With Mark White by Jamie Hamamoto
A adventure with a luremaker on Kauai results in a clean sweep of Hawaii's freshwater bass.

Splash! by Robert Duerr
WPRFM Council's latest proposal, tiger shark aggression and more make a 'Splash!' this month.

Tail Tale - Side Snagged Shibi by Lyle Fujimori
After a 70-minute battle, this angler landed his personal best shibi for a kayak.

A Family Fishing Story by Clyde S. Tamaru
Looking at photos brings a flood of memories of good times spent fishing with family and friends.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Hilo Seawatch by Craig Severance
Heavy water provides trollers the perfect opportunity to service boats and fishing gear.

Lure Wings by Conor Sullivan
These simple additions to trolling lures add flash that can catch the eye of a hungry predator.

A Fond Farewell to Peter Dunn-Rankin by Jeff Konn
Friends and family gave a final farewell to a dear friend, former HFN writer and Hawai'i fishing legend.

ISLAND OF MAUI - Lahaina Seawatch by Donnell Tate
Double-marlin day on the START ME UP TOO yields a 445-lb catch and a 250-lb tag and release.

ISLAND OF HAWAI'I - Kona Charter Desk Report by Amber Hudnall
The Kona fleet is on fire already, with the biggest marlin yet in 2020 weighing in at 751-lbs!

Go Hunt Hawaii by DLNR
There is a new online hunting application on the DLNR website that began March 23rd, 2020.

2019 Fall Game Bird Season Report by Richard Hoeflinger
Here is the data from the recent Big Island bird-hunting fall season with six-year trend comparisons.

Today's Bird Hunting Training Gear by Richard Hoeflinger
Electronic collars are a necessity for bird-hunting dogs working the Big Island's upland grounds.

Spring Turkey Hunt - Early Report by Richard Hoeflinger
Turkey hunter encounters cold mornings and quiet hunts on the mountain while searching for a tom.

Update: Swordfish Longline Fishery & Sea Turtles by Asuka Ishizaki, WPRFMC
The WPRFM Council recommends new fishery measures and limits.

Longliners Producing Fresh Seafood for Hawai'i's Security by Hawaii Longline Assoc.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hawai'i longline vessels will continue supplying fish for local residents.

Fresh Catch - Fried Catfish by the Fishwife
Get a taste of Southern cooking, which hospitality with a big "H", with this delicious fried catfish recipe.

Kidtime Adventures by Allen Tsukamoto
Allen shares a story about growing up spearfishing near Hanauma Bay.

Catch & Enter Teen Bass Tournament by Stan Wright
Are you a teen who loves bass fishing? The right catch could be your ticket to the national championships.

Somethin' Fishy for the Young Angler by Allen Tsukamoto
Color Fun, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits and Finny Funnies.

HOLOHOLO STYLE - Readers' Pages by HFN Readers
HFN anglers--young and old--share their favorite photos, adventures and awesome catches.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations
Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing