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Hawaii Fishing News March 2021

E-Zine Volume 46 Number 3
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Tail Tale  120-lb Marlin from a 'Yak!

by Hoala Greevy
Catching a marlin almost as big as your kayak is physically and mentally challenging but totally worth the effort.

The Marlin Challenge

by Bill Jardine
Hooking a large fish from a small boat is exciting, but landing it takes a lot of hard work.

Fundamentals of Three-Prong Spearfishing

by Calvin Lai, Jr.
New to spearfishing? Choose a three-prong instead of a gun.

Boat Insurance Basics

by BoatUS
BoatUS has three helpful tips for those purchasing boat insurance for the first time.

Uku Science and The Lokahi Fishing App

by Edwin Watamura & Lokahi App Team
Uku continues to thrive. Get ready to contribute to the scientific data collection for this species & win prizes.

100 Plus Club
More ways to celebrate new members in 2021.

Tri-tail Ulua

by Travis Pundyke
Thanks to great choices by his daughter, this life-long fisherman lands his very first special ulua.

The Blue Marlin Capital/Kona Charter Desk has Reopened

by Amber Hudnall
The Kona Charter Desk is back serving anglers & captains, while reporting the excitement of monster marlin.

Kauai Captain Looks Towards the Future

by Christina Henline
The Kauai charter boat captain grew into his life on the water by embracing opportunities.


by Robert Duerr
Making a 'Splash!' are olive ridley sea turtles, beach access, fishing village preservation and a terrifying shark attack.

Fisheries Extension Center

by Keith Kamikawa, HFEP
The Hawaii Fisheries Extension Program has education and outreach information to share.

Brian's Fishing Supply, A Brief History

by Christina Henline
Honolulu tackle shop owner has an eye on the future as he keeps his iconic store's priorities true to its heritage.

Missing the Angler's Voice

by Bill Shedd, AFTCO
AFTCO 's CEO clarifies the issues with We Are One Ocean's 30 x 30 Marine Petition.

Fishermen Keep an Eye on the Future by Helping Scientists Now

Council's 185th meeting, set for March 23 to 25 via web conference, will consider bottomfish ACL.


by Craig Severance
Trollers plan for 2021, economic survey begins and the winter catches follow the weather.

Go Hunt Hawaii

Big Island Bearded Turkey season and archery hunting in the Puu Anahulu announced.

Hawaii Legislative Session 2021  Testify Now!

by Robert Duerr
The 2021 Hawaii State Legislature is in session. Submit testimony on bills that effect your community.

Ready to Roll in 2021

by Gregory Brown
Getting out on the water early to find bait is the kayak angler's secret to success.

Fishcake Tempura

by Clyde Tamaru
Blending East and West, the Tamaru family makes fish cake out of an unlikely catch.

Fresh Catch of the Day  Soups & Stews

by the Fishwife
Anything goes fish stew, 10-minute fisherman's stew and Kona sportsman's Smoked Chowder.

Somethin Fishy for the Young Angler & Kidtime Adventures

by Allen Tsukamoto
SEA words, Fishy Chum Sealife Tidbits, Finny Funnies & the Stingray and Me.

HFN Tides and Moons, Island Charts and FAD Locations
Fishing forecast, box jellyfish alerts, weather predictions and best days and times for fishing.