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Roberta  Davis     email: 
Roberta Davis and Capt. John Llanes Jr. discovered a paradise of their own on the island of Taveuni, Fiji. Their new enterprise, Makaira by the Sea, is not only a beautiful place to visit, it retains its age-old island flavor and has untapped fishing stocks. Wow! We are looking forward to lots more unique and exciting fishing adventures from their South Pacific hideaway.

Bob Duerr     email: 
Bob keeps us posted on all the fishing briefs and hunting news in the islands through his Splash! and Hawaii Hunting News columns. He is also a member of the prestigious Outdoor Writers Association of America and an avid offshore fishermen. His favorite crewman is his son Kit.

Laron  Kageyama     email: 
Laron is a Big Island shorecaster who's been bitten by the ulua bug. He's always hot on the trail of new shorecasting developments and adventure on the island of Hawaii. Laron's also an avid offshore hunter and loves those blue water beasts.

Jim Rizzuto     email: 
Author and columnist, Jim is based on the Big Island of Hawaii and is a fountain of fishing information. His HFN-published series, "FISHING Hawaii Style" has helped tens of thousands of anglers learn to catch fish from Hawaii's waters--no simple task for novices! Jim's columns in HFN are geared toward creative uses of materials and rigs to help you catch more fish and to understand our unique fishery.

Craig Severance     email: 
Uncle Craig is keeping us up-to-date with the happenings on the Hilo side of the Big Island. He reports on the accomplishments and trials of the Hilo Trollers and keeps his finger on the pulse of the fishing community... no small task! Help him out by sharing your stories and photos with him so he can share them with us!

Donnell A. Tate     email: 
Donnell knows what's happening in the "Maui Triangle" and keeps a sharp eye on the Lahaina charter boat action. He's also a professional photographer.

Allen Tsukamoto     email: 
Allen has been HFN's cartoonist for more years than we can remember. Besides his art, one of Allen's greatest loves is his grandchildren. Allen combines his two great loves every month when he draws "Somethin' Fishy for the Small Fry" for HAWAII FISHING NEWS. It's a great way to share quality time with your keikis and help them learn about the ocean.

Hawaii Fishing News Staff
Chuck Johnston     email: 
Chuck is the founder of HFN and an active shorecaster, offshore troller, bottom fisherman and long caster. He's been publishing HFN for over 35 years!

Ellen Johnston     email: 
Ellen handles all personnel matters and billings at HFN. If you think that's easy, come try it sometime. And she's such a nice lady, too!

Monica King     email: 
Based on Kaua'i, Monica handles a hefty load of editing every month. She's clocked more than a decade and a half deciphering the scribblings of deranged writers and fishermen yet still maintains her sanity. Thanks to Monica, you can understand what we're trying to say.